Where / how'd you watch vghs
The first episode of the third season is out

I know! I saw it. love that it’s such a long ep! send me requests to gif?

Is VGHS a real school

LOL no of course not

So I just started watching this show (I'm on season 2 episode 3) do you know if there's gonna be anymore more seasons or?

I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be one more season

Do you think vghsS3 is gonna be long ???

I’m assuming a little longer than s2?

Di yu wanna see more and more or just 3seasons ???i like more but to much its a awesome "movie" .

I think 3 seasons is plenty, especially for a webseries! I think they’ll do a great job of finishing the show up :)

So the next season is the last. Are you sad about it like I am?

a little? it can only go for so long, you know? definitely had a great run though.

Why did this ever stop? D:

do you mean the gifs? i haven’t had the time tbh and i’m waiting for the new season to gif…which wont be for a long while.